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 District Chair:  Lacey Spark 2022 - 2023
 Vice Chair:  Beth Lambert 2022-2024 (appointed)
 Secretary:  Kelli Easley  2022-2024 (appointed)


Committee on Development: Heather Doreck
Committee on Education: Crystal Mandudi
Committee on Membership: Carol Regli
Committee on Standards & Practice: Laura Novak
Committee on Legislative & Political Affairs: Randa Mikeska
OTA Representative: Natalie Spencer
Student Representative(s): UMHB- Laekin Sanders
  USAHS - Megan Brimhall
  Baylorlsata Sheriff
  ACC Rachel Sales
  MCC Open



Volunteers are needed to serve on the district board.  


District meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of every other even-numbered month, starting in February, from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. However, the schedule may vary depending upon speaker availability. A two-hour continuing education course will be offered at each date, after a meeting and dinner provided by a sponsor. Meetings are not held in the months of November and December.

Please refer to the calendar of events for a complete listing of our district gatherings. The latest TOTA board meeting information is shared by the chair, licensure and rules updates are discussed as necessary. Chances to share about employment opportunities and other networking prospects take place at each meeting, and the most current issues affecting our great profession are discussed. A 2-hour presentation follows, from 6:30-8:30pm, after which attendees receive a two-hour continuing education credit.

All meetings are free to TOTA members. 

  1 to 1.5 CEU 2 CEUs
TOTA Member   Free to attend
Non-Member OT/OTA $20 $30
Non-Member Student $10 $15

For information regarding upcoming workshops, please contact district chair, visit the calendar. 


At this time, all remote sites are suspended, and all district meetings and CE events will be held virtually.

District Meeting Handouts