TOTA Day at the Capitol

We are planning for the next Day at the Capitol to coincide when the legislators return to session in 2021. The 87th Regular session begins Jan 12, 2021 - May 31, 2021. Tentative Date Feb 16, 2021.

Because it is an off-session interim year, we will not host a TOTA Day at the Capitol.  However, 2020 is the perfect time to visit your elected officials at their home district offices. We encourage you to take the time to get to know your state legislative representatives and senators. There are several ways to engage and you have all year to do it. If an elected official at the state level hosts a town meeting, attend and be prepared to ask questions. Make an appointment to visit a representative or senator at the office and go to fundraisers of those candidates you support. If there are issues that affect your practice, invite the representative, senator, or a staff member to visit your facility, after clearing this with your employer if necessary, of course. Don’t underestimate the value of getting to know legislators’ staff as well. These individuals can be of great assistance in getting your issues to elected officials.

We ask that, if you set up a meeting, you let John Luna and TOTA staff know about it, either before or after. TOTA staff can provide you with one-page hand-outs and talking points about our issues should you need them. Our legislative advisor, Denise Rose, can also assist in setting up meetings. We will keep track of these meetings and any follow-ups that need to take place.

The 2021 Texas legislative session starts in less than a year.  and 2020 is an important election year. Make this year and your TOTA membership work for you by engaging with your local representatives and candidates on issues that are important to you and your practice as occupational therapy practitioners and students. Make sure your voice is heard.

Please let us know what questions you have or how we can assist you in getting to know our elected leaders. Thank you for all you do for patients and clients in Texas!

John Luna: [email protected]
TOTA Staff: [email protected]

Day at the Capitol - Feb. 19, 2019 

The Texas Occupational Therapy Association had the opportunity to attend Day at the Capitol in Austin! Members got to walk the Capitol hallways, visit with legislators, and experience what advocating for our profession is about. We educated members of our Texas legislature and their staff about the profession of occupational therapy.

Thank you to 200+ clinicians and students that showed up at the legislative session in Austin, TX on February 19, 2019. We spoke knowledgeably on issues that are dear to our profession and made known of our impact to our lawmakers. Special thanks to Judith Joseph, executive director of TOTA and John Luna, legislative representative of TOTA. We hope to see more of you next year.

2019 TOTA Day At The Capitol from alvin on Vimeo