Texas Occupational Therapy Association Endowed Scholarship - 
Two scholarships are awarded each year, one to an entry-level occupational therapy student (MOT, MSOT, OTD) and one to an entry-level occupational therapy assistant student currently enrolled in an accredited program in the state of Texas. Eligible applicants reside in Texas and are members of the Texas Occupational Therapy Association.  

TOTA Endowed Scholarship   
The 2023-2024 cycle  opens August 28, 2023 - students must submit their application by Oct. 2, 2023
The American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF) manages our annual OT scholarship
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TOTA 2023 Endowed Scholarship Recipient
Ashlie Frederiksen– UTMB 
TOTA Involvement: Student General Member
Where are you currently in your academic process (fieldwork, capstone)? 
I am currently enrolled in my 2nd year of classes and am learning about Geriatrics, Leadership and Policy, Management and Ethics, Health and Wellness, and Interprofessional Practice. After this semester, I will begin my level 2 fieldworks for the Fall and Spring and in the Summer, I will begin my Capstone at Comprehensive Therapy Services – Richardson.

Anticipated Graduation Date: August 2024

Interests/Professional Goals:
My professional interests include neuroscience and pediatrics, and I would love to complete continuing education units on trauma-informed care, further neurological concepts, and women’s health. My primary goal currently is to complete school as a well-rounded student and to become a licensed therapist. However, my long-term professional goals for myself are a little bit varied but will hopefully guide me to be the best therapist for both my clients and myself. My goals are to earn a role at a hospital where I am encouraged to grow and learn, continue to pursue a second language so that I am able to better serve my clients in a more equitable manner, encourage accessibility to skilled services by volunteering at community programs, to be mindful about being a lifelong learner, and above all else to be compassionate towards others while pursuing my ambitions. I hope to become a pediatric therapist in an in-patient