TOTA Continuing Education Review Committee (TOTA CERC)

As Part of the TOTA strategic priorities to improve the efficiency and quality of CE approval program and process, the Continuing Education Review Committee (CERC)  was developed as a sub-committee of the TOTA Education Committee. This pool of trained reviewers from TOTA membership  include occupational therapy assistants and occupational therapists from an array of educational and practice settings. The CERC members evaluate the compliance and quality of CE offerings to occupational therapy practitioners in Texas including submission for TOTA's district CE events and annual conference as well as the TOTA Approved Provider Program (TOTA APP).  The TOTAAPP assures that continuing education offered by TOTA Approved Providers is relevant to occupational therapy practitioners in the state of Texas and meets the criteria for continuing education described by the Texas  Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners (TBOTE, Occupational Therapy Rules Chapter 367 Continuing Education).

Qualifications for TOTA CERC

The Continuing Education Review Committee (CERC) works under the guidance of the Executive Director, the State Education Committee Chair and the Education Committee to review applications of courses from prospective approved providers and presenters to assure approved CE offerings are relevant to occupational therapy practice and meet a standard of quality.

To be eligible for consideration for the CERC, an applicant must:

1. Be a current or retired TOTA member.
2. Hold active or retired license with TBOTE in good standing.
3. Have a minimum of 5 years of clinical experience in the designated area of practice 
4. May serve concurrently on TOTA Board or another TOTA committee.

The TOTA Continuing Education Review Committee Terms and Responsibilities:
The TOTA CERC members are asked to commit to a two year term in up to two areas of practice.  For each CE application submitted to TOTA, a pair of CERC members are assigned to review the application according to their professional expertise in the following practice areas: Children & Youth, Health & Wellness, Mental Health, Productive Aging, Rehabilitation & Disability, Work and Industry, Manage Your Practice, Evidence-Based Practice & Research, Ethics, Occupational Therapy Assistants.

The CERC members will collaborate with the Executive Director, State Education Committee Chair, and the Education Committee to implement policies and procedures to consistently evaluate, CE applications to ensure high quality of CE course offerings and compliance with TBOTE CE regulations.

Responsibilities for CERC members include:

  • Complete the required orientation and training (online),
  • Review assigned CE applications as assigned within the required time frame and notify of approval or any deficiencies in the submission
  • Participate in ongoing evaluation of the CE approval process for continuous improvement. 

Interested in joining CERC?
TOTA is currently seeking members for CERC. Qualified occupational therapy practitioners are strongly encouraged to apply.  A curriculum vitae (CV) submission is required to verify the 5 year of clinical experiences in up to two practice areas.

Practice areas include:

  • Children & Youth: Content relevant to pediatric occupational therapy practitioners providing services to infants, toddlers, children, and youth and their families across a variety of settings.

  • Health & Wellness: Content relevant to occupational therapy practitioners providing wellness-related services related to physical as well as emotional well-being of clients.

  • Mental Health: Content relevant to occupational therapy practitioners providing mental health treatment and prevention across the lifespan and for those with mental illness.

  • Productive Aging: Content relevant to occupational therapy practitioners working with a rapidly aging population to maintain independence and safety.

  • Rehabilitation & Disability: Content relevant to occupational therapy practitioners working to address the needs of clients with injuries, illness, or decreased occupational performance due to another cause.

  • Work and Industry: Content relevant to occupational therapy practitioners promoting workplace success for those returning to work after an illness/injury or providing prevention supports.

  • Ethics: Content relevant to understand ethical standards or regulatory matters for occupational therapy practice.

  • Manage Your Practice: Content related to documentation and reimbursement for occupational therapy practice. TBOTE specifically excludes courses that are designed to educate employees about topics such as professionalism, team building, and  HIPPA compliance or the philosophy/policies/procedures of a specific work setting.

  • Evidence-based Practice & Research: Courses that integrates research, clinical expertise, and client preferences to inform occupational therapy practice. This content may also be applicable to another practice area.

  • Occupational Therapy Assistants: Content relevant to the role, responsibilities, or supervision of occupational therapy assistants in the delivery of OT services.


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