“Our distinct value for people living with severe mental illness includes our deep understanding of functional performance in the areas of play and leisure, rest and sleep, ADLs and IADLs, and work. If we are not in community mental health, many who need our support will not have access. We have specific skills to support participation in occupations that they need and will not receive without occupational therapy’s ability to serve them in the community”. Claudette Fette, OTR, Ph.D. 


Due to the recent tragic events in Allen and Brownville, TOTA is sharing the Nami link for trauma resources for Texas communities 


May is Mental Health Awareness/Acceptance Month (see articles below):

Article #1:  Sue Ram, OTR, OTD 
Article #2: Sally Harris King, COTA
Article #3:  Sharon Eva, OT


TOTA is tracking several Mental Health related Bills during this session.

  • HB 98 - Relating to the provision of on-campus mental health services by a school district and reimbursement under Medicaid for certain services provided to eligible students.
  • HB 2111- Relating to eligibility requirements for student loan repayment assistance for certain mental health professionals.
  • HB 2451 - Relating to the permissible uses of the school safety allotment and the creation of a mental health allotment under the Foundation School Program.
  • HB 2552 - Relating to required suicide prevention training for certain health care practitioners.
  • HB 4695 - Relating to the provision of artificial intelligence mental health services.
  • HB 5233 - Relating to expedited credentialing for licensed behavior analysts providing services under a managed care plan
  • SB 47 - Relating to the licensing of marriage and family therapists, marriage and family therapist associates, professional counselors, professional counselor associates.
  • Click Here for the TOTA Bill Tracker

TOTA is a proud member of the Texas Coalition of Healthy Minds

TCHM member organizations are actively involved in many areas of behavioral health; we are focused on eliminating the stigma surrounding the various diagnoses of mental illness and substance use disorders, working to achieve parity for treatment and insurance, and creating equal access to the continuum of care. We believe Texas should have a fair and compassionate criminal justice system, and develop housing options for people with mental illness and/or substance use disorders.

88th session legislative Priorities
 AOTA's Mental Health Resources


TOTA Mental/Behavioral Health Adhoc committee members:

Claudette Fette, OTR, Ph.D. 
Amanda Frias, OTR, OTD, DRS, CBIS
Ashley Harrell, OTR, IMH-A
Sharon Hennigan, OTR, MA, CCM, CHT
Cynthia Hoskins OTR, MOT, DBH
Ricky Joseph, OTR, Ph.D. 
John Luna, OTR, OTD 
Paul Martinez, OTR, MOT
Clarissa Medrano, OTR, MOT 
Lauro A. Munoz, OTR, MOT, QAP, FAOTA
Anjali Parti, OTR, OTD 
Sue Ram, OTD, OTR 
Kathlyn Reed, OTR, Ph.D., MLIS, FAOTA