TOTA State Student Representatives

Texas Occupational Therapy Association is seeking two passionate, student-focused student members who want to serve and support their fellow Texas students as the State Student OT Representative and State Student OTA Representative. These roles, the State Student Representative and the State Student Advisor, prepare you for leadership opportunities as you transition from student to practitioner. You are the future leaders of our profession and Association!

Interested students must submit a complete application by April 14, 2023, by 11:59 PM. Applicants will be interviewed, selected, and appointed by TOTA’s President, Jason Stark by May 23, 2023. Please contact us at [email protected] with questions.

As part of application process, you must:   

1.  Read "Qualifications for the State Student Representatives" (OTA and OT).
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2.  Answer the question, "What motivates or interests you in serving as a State Student Representative?"

3.  Upload a Letter of Recommendation from one of your faculty members. (To be submitted as part of your application by April 14, 2023 at 11:59 PM. Applications are not accepted after this date and time.) 
Ask your professor to answer these two questions within their Letter of Recommendation:

•  Is the student in good standing with the University / College and the School of OT / OTA?
•  Why should the student serve in this leadership role?

State Student Representative Application



Qualifications for the State Student Representatives (OTA and OT)
(Click here to access a printable PDF)
TOTA’s Bylaws, Policies and Procedures outlines the qualifications a student (OTA and OT) must have to apply for the role of State Student Rep (One representative is an OTA student and one representative is an OT student).

  • Must be current TOTA members and retain their membership while serving in these volunteer positions.
  • Attend an OTA and OT school in Texas and are in good standing with their schools.
  • The positions rotate among the OTA and OT schools. Current volunteers are students from South Texas College and The University of St. Augustine at Austin.
    • Students from the 37 other OTA and OT schools are welcome to apply for these positions.
  • Must be a student during the entire year they serve as the State Student Representative (June 1, 2023 -May 31, 2024).
  • Will need to fully complete the State Student Representative application and submit it by April 14, 2023 PM.
    • Must obtain and submit with your completed application a written recommendation letter from one of your faculty members.

From the student applications, TOTA’s President interviews, selects, and appoints (1) OTA student and (1) OT student to these positions.

The State Student Representatives’ responsibilities are:

  • Serving as non-voting members of the TOTA Board. Three (3) Board meetings are held each year, either in-person, virtual or both.
  • Developing and delivering student conference events and activities which are held during TOTA’s Annual Conference, typically occurring in November.
  • Writing and submitting a Revista article on student conference activities and events for the January Revista.
  • Orienting, training, and supporting the incoming State Student OTA rep and State Student OT rep for one year.
  • Writing and submitting a shared report for each TOTA Board meeting.
  • Serving as liaisons for all student members to the TOTA Board.
    • Provide student members with updates and events occurring in TOTA.
    • Educate students about TOTA, its purpose and mission, encouraging students to join the Association.
    • Share student concerns and needs with the Board and Development Chair.
  • Writing and submitting an Annual report which is shared with the membership during the Annual Business meeting.
  • Writing and submitting a quarterly TIDBITs announcement or short article regarding student events, activities, recognizing student leaders from the OT/OTA schools, etc.

The State Student Advisors’ responsibilities are:

  • The outgoing State Student Representatives who remain with the State Development Committee for their second year of service, from June 1st to May 31st in the role of State Student Advisors.
  • These two volunteers/positions support the incoming State Student reps by
    • Orienting and training the incoming student leaders about TOTA,
    • Orienting and training the incoming students in how to carry out the responsibilities of the State Student Reps,
  • Supporting the incoming students as they develop and lead student events and activities for TOTA’s Annual Conference,
  • The State Student Advisors must retain their TOTA membership during this year of service.
    • State Student Advisors will be progressing in their academic role, from student to practitioner. The member serving in this role may begin it as a student and complete it as a practitioner.

Length of Service

  • The State Student OTA Rep and State Student OT Rep begin service together on June 1st and serve till May 31st of the next year. The students must be a current student, attending classes and/or fieldwork during this entire year.
  • The outgoing State Student Reps continue to serve a second year, June 1st to May 31st as State Student Advisors who support and guide the incoming State Student Reps. These volunteers are assigned to the State Development Committee.
Supporting leaders for the State Student Representatives and State Student Advisors
  • The appointed State Student OTA Rep and State Student OT Rep report to and are supported by the State Development Committee Chair. Their work tasks and related responsibilities are supported by the State Development Committee.
  • They serve as non-voting members on the Board of Directors
    • (As a Board member you can participate in all discussions regarding TOTA’s business, however the State Student Representatives cannot vote on business items directed to the Board of Directors).
  • The two Student State Reps partner together, collaborating to complete their assigned responsibilities.
  • TOTA’s Executive Director and Membership Committee Chair are Association leaders providing support to the State Development Committee Chair and the State Student Reps.

Contact us with any questions you have about the roles and the application process at [email protected].