Texas AOTA Representative  

The Representative Assembly (RA) is the body of the American Occupational Therapy Association which establishes professional policies and standards. It is your link to action on issues and concerns and concerns affecting occupational therapy. 

Each state has a person representing AOTA members in their state. The Representatives for Texas are

Judy Skarbek at [email protected]  and William Sit @ [email protected] 

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“Your Vision and Vote Matter….. As the Next Chapter of OT is Being Written”

Join Texas AOTA Representative Assembly RA Representatives and leaders May 25, 2022  at 7:00 pm for a zoom presentation to examine and discuss the impact the AOTA Board Proposed 2022 Bylaws Amendments may have on the future of OT.

Registered TODAY  to receive the zoom link, goals for the presentation and relevant AOTA documents to help prepare you for the June 9-24, 2022 scheduled Vote on the AOTA 2022 Proposed Bylaws Amendment.

 Disclaimer Statement - The Texas Occupational Therapy Association (“TOTA”) is a 501c6 non-profit organization with the purpose of serving member occupational therapy practitioners and students in Texas. TOTA is an affiliate of the American Occupational Therapy Association (“AOTA”). Like TOTA, AOTA serves member occupational therapy practitioners and students, along with providing assessment on applicable rules to the occupational therapy profession. TOTA will not be providing any opinions regarding the upcoming bylaw changes, but rather, serving our members by providing access to information. The opinions expressed by any presenter or other members of TOTA are not the opinion or representative of the TOTA.

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