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The Representative Assembly (RA) is the body of the American Occupational Therapy Association which establishes professional policies and standards. It is your link to action on issues and concerns and concerns affecting occupational therapy. 

Each state has a person representing AOTA members in their state. The Representative for Texas is Judy Skarbek at [email protected]    

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Announcement January 15, 2021

AOTA 2021 Elections:  The voting window will open on Wed, January 6, 2021 at 12 pm Noon ET. All votes must be cast by Wed, January 27, 2021 at 11:59 am ET in order to be counted.

The AOTA Commission on Practice (COP) is seeking your feedback on the new position paper entitled, The Role of Occupational Therapy in Pain Management.


The AOTA Representative Assembly passed a motion in March 2020 to charge the Commission on Practice with developing a position paper on the role of occupational therapy in pain management.  This document was developed by content experts who incorporated recent evidence on the topic to inform current and future practice.  The document also reflects language consistent with the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework 4th edition.

This document is primarily written for internal audiences but with the recognition that occupational therapy practitioners may share it with external groups.  We ask that you review the draft of the Pain Management position paper and complete the online survey.


Position Papers:  Present the official stance of the Association on a substantive issue or subject. They are developed in response to a particular issue, concern, or need of the Association and may be written for internal or external use.

Please bear in mind that your input will not necessarily be incorporated into the final manuscript. The review process guides the development of our official documents; it is not the final determinant. In addition, this document will be copyedited, and the copyeditor will catch grammatical or spelling errors and therefore we encourage you not to spend time copyediting the document.

The draft document can be found at: 


The feedback survey can be found at:  COP - Pain Management Survey - OTs and Policy Staff

 Deadline for comments:  12:00 pm (Noon) on Friday, January 29, 2021.

The AOTA Commission on Practice thanks you for your interest and time in providing comments on this document under review.