2022 Elected Officers

Thank you to the 97 TOTA members who voted for TOTA leadership. TOTA offers its congratulations to the following candidates who shall assume office on November 11, 2022.

President: Jason Stark
State Treasurer: Shari Felton

Trinity North:
District Vice Chair: Julie Hebert
District Secretary: Ashley Brewer Harrell

Gulf Coast East District:
District Vice Chair: Angela Renee Shepherd
District Secretary: Sabrina Starks-Tarble

Great Plains West District:
District Chair: Chris Lasek
District Treasurer: Molly Amlung (write-in)

Rio Grande District:
District Chair: Kaleigh Stevens
District Treasurer: Timothy Tu

Capital Centex District:
District Vice Chair: Lacey Spark
District Secretary: No candidate

Alamo South District:
District Chair: Monica Clark (write-in)
District Treasurer: No candidate

Proposed Changes to Bylaws 
97 TOTA members cast their vote with 86 voting in favor of the addition of the DEI standing committee and 10 in opposition. 
MOTION 1: Addition of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ad Hoc Committee as a Standing Committee.

95 TOTA members cast their vote with 76 to approve the removal of the district treasurer position and 19 in opposition.
MOTION 4: Removal of the District Treasurer Position.