Presenter Information

Whether you are presenting an educational session, expanding ideas in the research forum, or presenting a poster, we are excited to have you at our 2021 TOTA Annual Conference! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping others advance their understanding of OT. Here, you will find the guidelines for each of the session formats.

Important Dates
Call for Proposals Opens March 1
Call for Proposals Closes May 31
Committee Decisions Emailed July 1
Accepted Presenter Contracts Emailed July 1
Early Bird Registration TBD
Hotel Room Block Deadline TBD
Handouts Due October 22
Conference November 5-6


General Information for All Presenters

  • All OT, OTA, and student speakers whose proposals are accepted for presentation must register for at least one day of the Annual Conference. We encourage you to register during Early Bird. In alignment with AOTA, TOTA will not be offering group or speaker discounted rates. Student discounted rates are already reflected in the student price.  
  • TOTA reserves the right to assign the day and time that accepted proposals will be scheduled. 
  • The primary contact will be notified of the committee's decision via email. Presenter contracts, which include assigned date and time of presentation, will be emailed to the primary contact in the same email. Only the primary presenter needs to complete the contract.
  • The Primary Contact  is responsible for communicating to all listed presenters and authors the call for proposal status.
  • If accepted, no changes can be made to the proposal content.
  • Presenter changes can be made up until one month prior to the first day of conference after which all information will be printed as it was submitted. The deadline for change requests is Wednesday, Oct 7. Please submit, in writing any change requests to [email protected]
  • When communicating with TOTA staff or conference committee, include your session# and title for easy reference.

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 Poster Presentation Information

The poster session is an integral part of the conference and we appreciate your work and commitment to the conference.

Poster Presentation: There are two posters sessions; one on Friday and one on Saturday. Your poster will be assigned to one of the two sessions that are available from 12PM to 4PM. Presenters are asked to staff their posters from 3-4PM on their assigned day.

Poster Process:

  • Posters may have only two presenters. Others can be listed as co-authors or contributors.
  • Presenters are responsible for putting up and taking down their posters. Presenters must remove their posters at the end of the day. Regretfully, TOTA cannot be responsible for posters that are not removed at the end of the poster session.

Poster Size Guidelines:

  • The large freestanding display boards for posters are 4’ H by 6’ W. To maximize the visual effect of your presentation, we respectfully request that your poster not exceed 4’ high by 6’ wide so that it may be comfortably secured to the board.

Research Forum Presentation Information

The Research Forum at the TOTA Conference was created and is monitored by the Texas Occupational Therapy Foundation as an opportunity to discuss and share information about research initiatives with relevance to occupational therapy. The forum consists of a diverse mix of researchers, practitioners, educators, and students.

Research Forum: There are two, 2-hour forum sessions on Saturday. Presenters are assigned to one of the two sessions and allotted 20 minutes to present their research.

Forum Process:

  • Each presentation will occur in the order as listed in the conference guide.
  • Each presentation is allotted 20 minutes. You may choose to include a few minutes for Q&A within your 20 minute slot. There is no separate Q&A.
  • One laptop provided by TOTF will be used for the session; please arrive early to load your presentation on the computer
  • The cost of standard A/V equipment will be supplied by TOTA and includes: microphone, projector and HDMI connector.

Short Course, Long Course, Workshop Information

Course/Workshop: All course times incorporate one 15 minute break for each 2 hours of class time.

  • The cost of standard A/V equipment will be supplied by TOTA and includes: microphone, projector and HDMI connector. You must provide your own laptop, with presentation ready files (we also recommend a backup thumb-drive). It is important to bring any cords that may be specific to your computer.

Handout Information

Handouts are an important part of attendees’ overall conference experience and serves as a resource after the participant leaves your session. You should make every effort to upload a handout for attendees by the Tuesday, November 3rd deadline. Handouts will be available to the attendees three days prior to the start of conference (Nov 2, 2021). NOTE: Handout does not need to be a copy of the session slides. Handouts should be used to supply the attendees with an outline of your salient points so they can follow the progression of your presentation. You do not want your audience to be reading your presentation as you are presenting. 

Please adhere to the following:

  • Send your handouts as a PDF file, preferably in a handout format.
    • For information about turning your PowerPoint slides into handout format, please visit this Microsoft support page.
    • For information about turning your PowerPoint into PDF format, please visit this Microsoft support page.  
  • Keep your file size below 10MB. Label your file with your session number and title.
  • Send your PDF file to: [email protected]