Call for Proposals

2022 TOTA Annual Conference
November 11-12, 2022 in Denton, TX



"jOURney forward" All topic areas with relevance to occupational therapy will be considered. Proposals from occupational therapists, assistants and students are welcome, as are proposals from related professions. Occupational therapy continuing education is defined as professional development activities that are directly relevant to the profession of occupational therapy. We encourage you to incorporate the conference theme into your proposal and presentation. 

Please read this information in it's entirety:

This section will discuss the items that you will need prior to completing a submission.  

Important Notes for Call for Proposals Process:
• Proposals will only be accepted on-line. Paper forms will not be accepted.
• Some sections are limited by character counts, not word count. If character count is exceeded, a red warning will display under the text box. 
Partial submissions are NOT SAVED
• Avoid any reference to persons and facilities as this may bias reviewers.
• You will receive a confirmation email upon completing the submission. If you DO NOT receive an email, contact [email protected].

Primary Contact Information
This is typically the Primary Presenter. This person will be the only person who will receive notifications from TOTA regarding proposal updates and information. One person should be designated as Primary Presenter.

Submission Category
Choose from Poster, Research Forum, or Course/Workshop

Submission Title 
Maximum of 80 characters, including spaces

Requested Course Length

Type of Presentation Presentation Length
Poster Presentation Pre-recorded, On-demand
Research Forum 2 hour forum - 20 minute presentation
Short Course 1 3/4 - 2 hours
Long Course 3 1/2 - 4 hours
Workshop 7.5 hours
  • Poster Presentation: Poster presentations will be virtual/on demand. 
  • Research Forum: There are typically two, 2-hour forum sessions on Saturday. Presenters are assigned to one of the two sessions and allotted 20 minutes to present their research.
  • Course/Workshop: All course times incorporate one 15 minute break for each 2 hours of class time.

Presentation Category
You will select up to 2 presentation categories. Please select a PRIMARY and SECONDARY. The categories are: Children and Youth, Health & Wellness, Mental Health, Productive Aging, Rehabilitation Disability and Participation, Work & Industry, Ethics, Manage Your Practice, Evidence-based Practice and Research, and Occupational Therapy Assistants.

Intended Audience

Entry Level Geared toward practitioners with little or no knowledge of the subject matter. Focus is on providing general introductory information.
Intermediate Level Geared toward practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter based on current practice trends and literature related to the subject matter.
Advanced Level Geared toward practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter based on current theories and standards of practice as well as current literature and research. Focus is on recent advances and trends, and/or research applications. A high-level of participation by attendees is encourage during this session. 

Short Abstract
Maximum of 300 characters, including spaces. This is the published information that the attendees will use to select courses.

Full Abstract 
A summary that clearly states the purpose and content of the presentation and its relevance to OT. Include a description of method of presentation. This is a good opportunity to showcase how your presentation meets the conference theme. Maximum of 3000 characters, including spaces.

Learning Objectives

  • Course objectives for all conference proposals should be specific, measurable, related to the content of the course, and written from the perspective of the learner/attendee of the session.  Conference proposals may be returned for revision or rejected if objectives do not meet this criteria.
  • Avoid using verbs in course objectives that are not easily measured including words  (e.g.,  comprehend, understand, appreciate, know, learn, master).
  • Bloom’s taxonomy (see link) may be helpful to select measurable verbs under the category of knowledge you want participants to achieve by listening to your presentation.  For instance, to demonstrate understanding of the content, measurable action verbs to use when writing an objective may include summarizing or comparing.
  • Example of a measurable course objective: After attending this session, the learner will identify three new action verbs from Bloom’s taxonomy to use when writing specific and measurable course objectives for their conference proposal submission.

Educational Value 
How this presentation will advance the practice or professional development of participants and/or the profession?

Literature Citations 
Minimum of two

Conference Format Preference*

  • Conference Live (in Denton, TX): Courses are presented in-person and will not be available for on-demand.
  • Conference Pre-recorded (On-demand): Courses and posters will be pre-recorded for on-demand access to all conference attendees through the Whova app. On-demand access will be available to registrants through December 31, 2022.
  • NO PREFERENCE - Live OR Pre-recorded: The conference committee can decide the format that best serves the needs of the conference.

*If necessary, the conference format could be altered to align with local guidelines or regulations.

Audio-Visual and Room Requests
Applicable only to Course/Workshop presenters

Presenter and Contributing Author Information

Type of Presentation Number of Presenters
Poster Presentation Up to 2 presenters
Research Forum Up to 2 presenters
Short Course Up to 3 presenters
Long Course Up to 5 presenters
Workshop No limit to number of presenters

Include all presenters and contributing authors. Presenters will be published as submitted; please check your spelling and credentials. Upload a current CV for all presenters (please combine into one file).

Please note the differences between Presenters and Contributing Authors:

  • Primary Presenter – The only person to whom TOTA will send subsequent communication regarding proposal status and onsite logistics. 
  • Additional Presenter(s) - Will be onsite presenting with the Primary Presenter. Please note there is a limit to number of presenters depending on course length.
  • Contributing Author - Persons who have contributed to the development and content of the proposal but will NOT be presenting onsite.

Is this presentation presented by an exhibitor?
If yes, please enter the name of the exhibitor.

Submit Proposal

Important Information After Submission:

  • The primary contact listed will be notified of the committee's decision via email by July 12, 2022. (If approved, presenter contracts will be emailed to the primary contact in the same email.)
    • It is up to the Primary Contact to ensure that all listed presenters and authors are notified of the call for proposal status.
    • Only the primary presenter needs to complete the contract.
  • If accepted, no changes can be made to the proposal content.
  • Presenter changes (changes to who will be presenting) can be made up until one month prior to the first day of conference after which all information may be printed as it was submitted. 
    • Submit, in writing any change requests to [email protected]
    • The deadline for change requests is October 10, 2022.. 
  • You will upload handouts into the Whova Speaker Center. Handouts should be available to the attendees at least three days prior to the start of conference (Nov 8, 2022) on the conference app. Save your handouts as a PDF file.

Any questions can be directed to [email protected].