Elections are open to all current members of TOTA. All members (including student members) are encouraged to vote for State Board positions and for the candidates within their district.  

Voting begins June 1 - June 30, 2023 

Note:  Per TOTA Bylaws "If a dual slate cannot be obtained, provisions for a write-in candidate must be made, the ballot shall include a space to enter the write-in candidate’s name."

2023 TOTA Slate of Candidates: Scroll down to view candidates and position statements.

2023 Positions Up for Election
State Board: District Positions:
  Alamo South Capital Centex Great Plains West Gulf Coast East Rio Grande Trinity North

President Elect
Vice President

Vice Chair
Vice Chair

Vice Chair





Kira Beal, OTR, EdD, OTD

Position Statement: Being a representative of OT practitioners in Texas is important to me not only as a practitioner but as an educator. My involvement in TOTA began as a graduate student and continued as a practitioner. As President Elect, I plan to continue servant leadership by familiarizing myself further with the processes of TOTA, ensure effective communication with the current President, engagement with the OT community, and continue the progression of the association. The ability to continue to serve the OT community in Texas means a great deal to me and I hope to have that opportunity.

John Luna, OTR, OTD

Position Statement:  TOTA is transforming the profession through the unique opportunities and resources it offers students and practitioners at every stage of their careers. This transformational power is so extraordinary as it enables us as a profession to transform the lives of our clients, groups, and populations through the power of occupation. I am running to serve and preside over a team that continues to build on existing initiatives while exploring solutions to increase knowledge of the profession as a health solution, support members' professional growth, and advocate for policies that support practice. 

Keegan McKay, OTR, OTD

Position StatementI have grown and learned so much in my role as a District Chair for the Trinity North District. The past few years of leadership experience with the TOTA, and my 10 years of experience as a Rehab Director, have really prepared me to take on a bigger role within the TOTA. I would be honored to represent TOTA as Vice President, and will utilize my leadership skills and many years of experience working with students for several OT/OTA programs in the area, to help continue to build relationships.



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Laurie Stelter, OTR, PhD

Position Statement: I believe that TOTA involvement is an essential component to professionalism. I seek to use my organization and leadership skills to serve the profession of occupational therapy and occupational therapy practitioners as the state board secretary.



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Marcie Campbell, OTR, OTD

Position Statement: I would like to be the Alamo South Vice Chair to serve the Alamo South District and Chair.

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Alyssa Laurel, OTR, MOT

Position Statement: I greatly enjoy giving back to the profession of occupational therapy through service endeavors, including staying active within TOTA and promoting its importance to the profession at large. I have been so fortunate to have served as Alamo South District Secretary since 2017; such a position requires reliable attendance, participation, and note-taking of local matters. It would be an honor to continue to serve the needs of Texas OTs, OTAs, and students in this capacity to the best of my ability.

Normandy Rindahl, OTR,  MOT, ppOTD

Position Statement:  Serving the Alamo South District of TOTA is an exciting opportunity to connect with occupational therapy practitioners, provide a necessary service for the organization, and further develop in my career. I am a good candidate for this position because I am passionate about collaboration with others, I am early in my career and ready to learn and grow, and I have been an active member of TOTA for the past four years. As Alamo South District Secretary, I would dutifully work with other board members to meet the needs of occupational therapy practitioners in my area.


Angela Renee Shepherd
Lacey Spark, OTR, MOT, OTD

Position Statement:  My name is Lacey Spark and I am running for Chair for the TOTA Capital CenTex District. I am currently in the position and I am so excited about all of the things we have planned to better serve the district and advocate for occupational therapy. It has been such an honor and privilege so far to serve in this capacity and I hope to be able to continue to grow our opportunities for professional growth, service, and networking throughout the district. I believe in the powers of occupation and community- both of which I promise to promote for the benefit of the people we serve and our profession!


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Jerilyn Callen, OTR, MSOT, OTD

Position Statement: As a working clinician and academician in one of the largest but more rural districts in Texas, the challenges we face in Great Plains West are unique. Our geographic area, settings, and opportunities are vast. I feel the vice-chair has a unique opportunity to work with our chair and all members of our district to amplify the voice of OT in our region. Additionally, as vice-chair, I would like to use my skills and connections within our region and state to provide new avenues and opportunities to promote our district activities and engage all OTs with our region and as part of TOTA as a whole.




Donna Walls, OTR,  OTD, CHT

Position Statement: I value TOTA as an advocate and supporter of our profession. I have the desire to serve our organization on the district level. Currently, I serve as the secretary and have enjoyed that role and am excited about the work happening in our district.


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Chanae' Jones OTR, MOT

Position Statement: As the Education Chair for the district , I have learned more about TOTA and would like to assist with the goals and objective of the district, state, and nation as district chair. I am currently the president of the Lambda Omega Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc in Spring , TX.I also hold a board position on the Mind Works Collaborative Foundation. As an occupational therapist , I am committed to my families and have built lifelong relationships based on my dedication to the profession. I am organized, dedicated, hard working, determined, and empathetic.


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Grisel Contreras, OTR, OTD

Position Statement: Grisel Contreras graduated with her master’s in occupational therapy in 2007 from the University of Texas in El Paso and with her doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Baylor University in 2022. Grisel is bilingual in English and Spanish and uses this skill in her role as Clinical Assistant faculty at UTEP to prepare culturally sensitive OT practitioners. Grisel would be a great candidate for the Vice-Chair position and hopes to promote the diversification of the occupational therapy field and advocate for providing quality healthcare services among underrepresented minority groups.

Carolyn Pena, OTR

Position Statement:  I appreciate having had the opportunity to serve you as your Vice-Chair for the Rio Grande District of TOTA for the past seven consecutive terms and would be honored to continue serving you in this capacity. I will gladly continue to assist the chairperson in any capacity, to include organizing local continuing education opportunities and serving on designated committees. I believe that my commitment to the profession of Occupational Therapy and extensive involvement with TOTA qualify me to represent my fellow therapists and fulfill the requirements of this position. 


Clarissa Medrano, OTR, MOT

Position Statement: I would love to continue my role as Rio Grande Secretary to continue our efforts to advocate for OT within our community.


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Angela Duell, OTR, OTD

Position Statement: My experience 23 years of experience in the OT profession (OTA and OT) makes me the ideal candidate for this position. My experience as an administrator, educator, and clinical director has required strong leadership, professional collaboration, effective interpersonal skills and communication, innovation, and strategic, evidence-based decision-making in ever-changing healthcare and education environments. All of these characteristics and skills are essential for success as the Trinity North District Chair. I am leader who is committed to achieving success in any platform.

Justine Faghihifar,  OTR, OTD

Position Statement:  I would like to use my committee experience/s at the University level, as a springboard to something more meaningful, to support the Texas State organization. I hope to enhance the Trinity North TOTA membership and devise meaningful and robust interactions and educational experiences for the Trinity North electorate and the TOTA community at large.