2021 TOTA Slate of Candidates

Elections are open to all current members of TOTAAll members are encouraged to vote for State Board positions and for the candidates within their district.  

2021 Positions Up for Election
State Board: District Positions:
  Alamo South Capital Centex Great Plains West Gulf Coast East Rio Grande Trinity North

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Candidate for State Board Vice President:
Vicki Lee Thomas, COTA

Laurie StelterLaurie Stelter, OTR, MA, PhD

• PhD in occupational therapy from Texas Woman's University (2018)

• MA in occupational therapy from Texas Woman's University (2004)
• BS in occupational therapy from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (1998)
TOTA Involvement:
TOTA Vice President since 2019, Great Plains West Education Chair, 2015 - 2019, TOTA member since 1996

Position Statement: It is impossible for me to separate being an occupational therapist with the responsibility of being a member of the organizations that support and advocate for the profession I love so much. Within my current role as TOTA vice-president, I have had the joy of being involved with several important developments including a thorough review and restructuring of TOTA's bylaws and policies and procedures. Continuing within the role as vice-president for another term would allow me to see these initiatives fully implemented for the benefit of TOTA and its members.

Candidate for State Board Secretary:

Vicki ThomasVicki Lee Thomas, COTA

• Associates of Science in Occupational Therapy Assisting from Univ. of Louisiana at Monroe (1990)
• Bachelors of Science in Health Studies from Univ. of Louisiana at Monroe (2019)
TOTA Involvement:
• Currently hold position as secretary of GCED

Position Statement: My goal as secretary is ensuring Occupational Therapy continues be recognized as one that provides high quality service. I will work closely with the other board members who are working to make sure healthcare changes do not deter our commitment to serve. My hope is to see more OTAs in leadership roles understanding we are as vital to the profession as our OT partners. We can collaborate in leadership positions for the better of our profession. I believe in being a part of the change that I’m seeking and that is why I would love to serve as your state’s secretary.

TOTA district candidates

Alamo South District
Candidate for Alamo South District Vice Chair

Christopher Gillis Christopher Gillis, OTR

• BS in occupational therapy from University of North Carolina (1996)
TOTA Involvement:
I have been on the board of TOTA Alamo South district for the past seven years, first as the membership chair and currently as the standards and practices chair.

Position Statement: As a member of the TOTA Alamo South district board for the past seven years I have seen how TOTA provides meaningful connections for our members, both as an educational tool and as a platform to discuss and debate pertinent professional issues. I have also seen the challenges that our district faces, namely in growing the number of occupational therapists engaged with TOTA. I believe I can assist our current chair person in helping to maintain my district's history of excellence while making changes to enhance and grow the organization.

Candidate for Alamo South District Secretary

Alyssa LaurelAlyssa Laurel, OTR, MOT

• MOT-University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (2016)
• BA in Psychology- University of Texas at San Antonio (2013)
TOTA Involvement:
Alamo South District Secretary since 2017, active TOTA member since starting graduate school, frequent attendance of state conferences and district CE sessions

Position Statement: I have been the ASD secretary since I began my career as an OT; it has afforded me the opportunity to become involved in local matters and be of service to our wonderful profession. I am nearing four years of experience within this position and am well-versed in its key roles -- providing detailed meeting documentation and ensuring that ASD guest speakers receive their well-earned commendations for setting aside time and effort to share their specialized insights with fellow therapists. It would be an honor to be reelected and continue serving to the best of my ability.

Capital Centex District

Candidate for Capital Centex District Chair

Giuli KrugGiuli Krug, OTR, PhD

• PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, University of Missouri-Columbia
• M.A. in Higher and Continuing Education, University of Missouri-Columbia
• B.S. in Occupational Therapy, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
TOTA Involvement: 
Current district chair

Position Statement: I would love the opportunity for a second term as Capital Centex District Chair. So much has changed since I came on board, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With everything shifting to on-line platforms it seems that in addition to the positives of more accessible CEUs for all comes a loss of interpersonal interaction within the district. I am willing to take on the challenge of rebuilding connections in a way that serves all practitioners and educators in the district.

Candidate for Capital Centex District Treasurer

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Great Plains West

Candidate for Great Plains West District Vice Chair
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3 Candidates for Great Plains District Secretary (in alphabetical order)

Deanne Edwards(Candidate 1)
Deanne Edwards, OT*
*corrected candidate from RG to GPW

• BS in Occupational Therapy, Texas Woman’s University (1999)
TOTA Involvement:
Position Statement: Knowledgeable clinician practicing for over 20 years. I’m fair, open to suggestions, work well in a team, strive to always be learning and have a passion for OT.

Amanda Moorhead(Candidate 2)

Amanda Moorhead, OTR, MOT

• BA Texas Tech University (2005)
• MOT, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
TOTA Involvement:
Member since 2020

Position Statement: I would like to take a more active role in supporting our state representative body. I am an organized individual, with good time management skills and love to seek out new learning opportunities. I believe I would be a good candidate for this role because I love advocating for OT and am excited about supporting our profession on a greater scale.


Donna Walls(Candidate 3)
Donna Walls,  OTR, OTD, CHT

• BS in Occupational Therapy (1986)
• Certified Hand Therapist (1992)
• MS in Clinical Practice Management (2015)
• Post-professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy( 2018)
TOTA Involvement:
I am an active member of TOTA. Before the district was able to meet all together, I served as a local coordinator for meetings for the Abilene OTs. I have presented hand therapy and splinting lectures for the district during the past two years.

Position Statement: I would like the opportunity to serve as secretary for the Great Plains West District. I am blessed as my current employment allows and encourages participation in professional organizations. As secretary, I believe I would be able to provide the time and communication skills needed for the job. I also believe my organizational skills would aid in the continued success of our district.



Gulf Coast East
4 Candidates for Gulf Coast East District Chair (in alphabetical order)

Kira Beal(Candidate 1)
Kira Elizabeth Beal, OTR, EdD, OTD, CLT

• BS in Health Studies, Texas Woman's University (2002)
• MSOT, Texas Woman's University (2004)
• Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy, Creighton University (2010)
• Doctorate in Education in Ethical Leadership, St. Thomas University (2021)
TOTA Involvement:
Vice Chair Gulf Coast District (2020-present), Board Membership Committee Chair (2013-2015), DEI Ad Hoc Committee member (2020 – present)

Position Statement: As Chair of GCED, I want to support future and current OT practitioners in practice, education, policy, and other needs brought forth. Utilize technological advances for communication and creative methods for participation in TOTA events. Commit to bring forth ideas to support challenges within our profession and the communities we serve such as issues related to DEI, political policies, disease and socioeconomic disparities. Lastly, as I have served TOTA in the past, I look forward to continuing my servant leadership and working with the members of TOTA towards great things in the future.


Diane Collins
(Candidate 2)
Diane Collins, OT, PhD

• BS in Occupational Therapy, Wayne State University (1981)
• MA in Management, Webster University (1990)
• SCPhD in Rehabilitation Science and Technology, University of Pittsburgh (2004)
TOTA Involvement:
Currently the Chair of the Gulf Coast East District

Position Statement: I enjoy serving my fellow occupational therapists and helping them to have high quality, cutting edge continuing educational programs. I also am at the stage in my career that I recognize and understand the issues facing Texas occupational therapy professionals and believe strongly in advocating for our profession.



Trisel Davis(Candidate 3)
Trisel M. Davis, OTR, MOT

• BS in Social Work, Texas Southern University (1984)
• MOT, Texas Woman's University (1990)
TOTA Involvement:
I have been a member of TOTA for about 20 years. I presented at the TOTA conference in 2014, 2016 and 2017.

Position Statement: I would be the best candidate for the position of Gulf Coast East District Chair, because I am an advocate for the profession of occupational therapy. I am a mentor to occupational therapy students, including my own daughter. I have also presented on the role of occupational therapist at Middle School and High School Career Fairs. I believe that I will be instrumental in recruiting therapist and students to join TOTA. My experience in a variety of occupational therapy settings, gives me an insight to the needs of therapist as well as students.


Sherry White(Candidate 4)
Sherry White, COTA, MHA, FACMPE

• Associates Occupational Therapy (1995)
• Masters Healthcare Administration (2005)
TOTA Involvement:
I have been involved with TOTA since moving to Texas in 2002; however, I have never held an office. I was the COTA representative for two years in 2003/2004 for the Gulf Coast District and I have been actively working on the CEU committee for over two years. I am currently serving as the Leadership and Management Coordinator for the RDSIS with AOTA.

Position Statement: Medicine is rapidly changing, and as an OT practitioner we need to be proactive with the changes. COVID has quickly advanced our profession into telemedicine, and we now have the opportunity to help more patients than ever before. I want to represent our profession and work with a team to ensure that we are ahead of the changes within healthcare. Furthermore, I want to encourage students within OT to become involved as we advocate for our profession. It is time for our profession to shine!

Candidate for Gulf Coast East District Treasurer

Esmeralda LizcanoEsmeralda Lizcano, OTR

• MS in Occupational Therapy, Texas Woman’s University (2015)
TOTA Involvement:
TOTA Conference Poster Presentation year: 2014, TOTF Scholarship Award winner year: 2015, TOTA Emerging Leaders program mentee year: 2015-2016, TOTA GCED Treasurer year: 2020-current

Position Statement: I have enjoyed my time as the treasurer and would like to continue in this role. I believe I would be the best candidate because I'm organized, enjoy working with a team, and have become proficient in this role. Over the last year, I have handled the finances in various ways. I have collaborated with my peers to make adjustments to create a more streamlined process. I collaborated with the district chair to create the 2021 budget, assisted reconcile accounts, collaborated with state treasurer to complete a checks and balances for our processes, and accounts payable to appropriate groups.

Rio Grande District
 Candidate for Rio Grande District Vice Chair
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Candidate for Rio Grande District Secretary

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Trinity North District
Candidate for Trinity North District Chair

Keegan McKayKeegan McKay, OTR, MOT, OTD

• BA in Psychology and English (2003),
• MOT (2008)
• Post-professional OTD (2016)
TOTA Involvement:
Trinity North District Chair: 2019 to present, Trinity North District Treasurer: 2017 to 2019

Position Statement:
I am a passionate OT with multiple years of experience in an administrative/leadership role. I have had the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills from many colleagues, both at my workplace and with the TOTA. I currently serve as the Trinity North District Chair, working closely with a strong team that has brought many continuing education events to the District. We have recently successfully transitioned our meetings to an online format due to the pandemic. I am excited about the possibility of continuing in this role to serve the members of our district.

Candidate for Trinity North District Treasurer

 Keith McWilliamsKeith B. McWilliams, OTR, MOT, OTD

• Post-Professional OTD, Texas Woman's University (2016)

• MOT, Maryville University Saint Louis (2010)
TOTA Involvement:
TOTA member: 2010, Continuing Education Application Reviewer 

Position Statement: It is an honor to be considered for the Trinity North District Treasurer. As a member of TOTA, it has been a privilege serving alongside current members and officers in a variety of capacities. Based upon my experience as a program manager in clinical practice and roles I currently serve as an OT faculty member, my leadership skills will benefit the success of the district and state association. As the Treasurer, I will serve all members to ensure financial procedures are adequate and that appropriate safeguards are in place.