Proposal submission closes May 27, 2018


2018 Mountain Central Conference

November 2-4, 2018 at the Marriott Hotel, Sugarland, Texas

Important Instructions and Changes for the MCC Call for Proposals Process.

Proposals will only be accepted on-line. Paper forms will not be accepted.

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Proposals are invited for presentation at the 2018 Mountain Central Conference to be held November 2-4, 2018 at the Marriott in Sugarland, Texas. All topic areas with relevance to occupational therapy will be considered. Proposals from occupational therapists, assistants and students are welcome, as are proposals from related professions.

Before starting the call for papers form, you will need the following (please note that partial submissions are NOT SAVED):

  • Primary Contact - Typically the primary speaker
  • Title - Maximum of 8 words
  • Short Abstract - 35 words or less
  • Description (Long abstract) - 200 words including a summary that clearly states the purpose and content of the presentation and its relevance to OT.  Include a description of method of presentation
  • Learning Objectives - Objectives must be clear and specific
  • Educational Value - How this presentation will advance the practice or professional development of participants and/or the profession. Please include
  • Literature Citations -  minimum of two
  • Speaker Bios - One page biographical data sheet for each speaker - include current information: Name, credentials, present job title, position, educational background/certification, special honors, awards, and previous presentations.
  • If more than one speaker is presenting, please create a word document or PDF with all of the required information in one document.

Occupational therapy continuing education is defined as professional development activities that are directly relevant to the profession of occupational therapy

Important Notes:

  • Proposals submission closes May 27,2018

  • The primary contact listed will be notified of the committees decision via email by July 9, 2018. Speaker contracts will be emailed to the primary contact by July 23, 2018.  It is up to the Primary Contact to ensure that all listed speakers and authors are notified of the call for proposal status.

  • Please note that partial submissions are not saved and it is highly recommended that all documentation is gathered before starting the process.

  • Please avoid any reference to persons and facilities as this may bias reviewers.

  • Click here for poster presentation guidelines
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Proposals submission closes May 27, 2018